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The Little Crabs!

        In this game, your task is to try and eat 20 french fries without getting eaten by the lobsters. 
        You control both crabs with the arrow keys, and you are still in the game if only one crab remains. 
        Good luck!
        Music creds: "Panini" by Lil Nas X
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Bouncing Balls!

          This animation depicts three basketballs that bounce around a basketball court and reflect off of the walls at angles congruent to the angle that they strike the wall at.  
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White Blood Cell Animation!

        Lymphocytes consist of B-cells and T-cells. 
        When a white blood “B-cell” encounters an antigen, or a foreign, potentially dangerous body, it secretes antibodies that attach to the antigen. 
        This signals for cytotoxic T-cells to find and destroy the antigen. 
        Interact with this simulation with the arrow keys and WASD to play as the B-cell. 
        Try and tag as many bacteria as you can, and watch as they migrate to a location of the blood stream where they will be destroyed by the T-cells!  
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Survive Game!

        In this simulation game, you are a sabertoothed tiger living in prehistoric times. 
        You survuve by gaining structural and behavioral adaptations to help survive.  
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Solar System Animation

        This animation depicts the sclaed-down orbits of Neptune and Jupiter.
        It's very slow, but accurate!
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